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Migration Options for Canadian Permanent Residency

Migration Options for Canadian Permanent Residency

  • AustinLee

    What are the options for migrating to Canada as a permanent resident?


    There are two classes of migration pathway to Canada (the economic class and the non-economic class). These pathways are structured so that the socio-cultural and economic benefits to Canada are maximized without jeopardizing the health, safety and the overall security of Canadian citizens and residents.

    The economic class comprises programs that are structured to attract immigrants that can be established economically in Canada. The programs under the economic class include:
    1. The federal skilled workers program
    2 The Quebec skilled workers program
    3. The provincial nomination programs
    4. The entrepreneurs and self- employed persons migration program
    5. The Canadian experience class
    6. The federal skilled trades class
    7. The start-up business class
    8. The Home Child-Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot class
    9. The Caring for children and caring for people with high medical needs class
    10. The Interim Pathway for Caregivers program
    11. The Live-in Caregiver program
    12. The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital class
    13. Atlantic Immigration pilot programs
    14. Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program
    15. The Municipal Nomination Program

    Note: The Municipal Nomination Program is expected to be launched in 2020.

    The non-economic class, unlike the economic class, does not emphasize on the economic establishment of migrants. Rather, it is considered a family-unification and humanitarian stream. Under this class, migrants are selected for humanitarian, social, and family-unification reasons. The programs under the non-economic class include:
    1. Adoptions program (family-unification class)
    2. Spouse or common-law partner in Canada program (family-unification class)
    3. Temporary public policy for out-of-status construction workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) program
    4. Protected persons program

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