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New Age Parenting

7 months ago

There are no hard and fast rules to parenting. Nevertheless, the need for wisdom and due care in modern day parenting can not be

With technological advancements and sophistications, a modern day child is born to be highly knowledgeable and exposed to “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Of the many areas where parental guidance is required, career guidance and sex education stand out. This is where many parents have failed. While noting that effective parent-child communication is key, the following tips will come in handy when you need to perfect your parenting skills.

For career guidance,

  1. Observe the child from childhood and help identify his or her talents and special attributes/skills;
  2. Provide tools and resources that will help the child improve on his or her talents and special attributes/skills;
  3. Encourage the child by commending him or her when he or she achieves any milestone (motivation makes us better); and
  4. Tailor the child’s education to his or her talents and skill set.

For sex education,

  1. Observe changes in the child’s body (at adolescence, when bodies change, children at first are shy to talk about it);
  2. Talk to the child about the changes and what they mean;
  3. Discuss the reproduction process like a biology teacher; and
  4. Discuss sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and its effect on achieving future dreams.

These are key issues in parenting. I am sure many parents will find career guidance easy to deal with and may want to shy away from giving their children SEX EDUCATION. The truth is: for as many parents that will want to shy away from their responsibilities, they leave their children at the mercy of others who may end up defiling their children.

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